7 Reasons To Start An Airbrush Tattoo Booth

7 Reasons to Start An Airbrush Tattoo Business:

1. Make an extraordinary amount of money in a really short amount of time

2. You can have a full and complete business for around $1,200 , and even get started and making money for as little as $500!

Others work in a cubicle or answer a telephone all day – you will be setup at all the hot spots – concerts, fairs, festivals, parties, dances and every other place that people have to MAKE TIME FOR! You will be there making money.

4. Its as easy as ‘point and spray’! Airbrushing tattoos is so easy that after an hour or two of practice you will be ready for the busiest of events.

5. Show promoters will literally beg you to come and setup at their events! In fact, I have personally got my parents (kettle corn) into some awesome events because they want ME there. We travel as a group together and so they will take us ALL just to get the airbrush tattoos in!

2 more reasons:

6. Airbrush tattoos are still fairly new – which means you and my other readers are getting in and securing your position as “the airbrush tattoo guy or gal” in your area! If you wait too long to start someone else will take that position.

7. The reason show promoters want us there is obvious if you have ever seen an airbrush tattoo booth in action before. Other vendors are always shocked at just how many people want and get them! Its unusual not to have our booth completely surrounded by people all eagerly waiting in line!

It looks like a sea of people. While every other booth has the usual trickle of people coming in – you will have a line of people so long that you can actually get complaints from people that their line is blocking their booth! This happens every so often, its a great feeling! By the way, you just ask your line to move over a bit – its no biggie.

If you want to find out if you want to keep going with the idea of starting an airbrush tattoo business, click here.

Ashley Morgan
My name is Ashley Morgan, I run the site here. I started airbrushing tattoos while still in high school. I cant even imagine my life without airbrush tattoos anymore, its a great little business.

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