airbrush tattoos

Who else wants to get paid $5-$20 per temporary airbrush tattoo... each one usually taking less than 2 minutes to put on!

From: Ashley Morgan
Date: Thursday April 17, 2014
RE: Starting an airbrush tattoo business

Here is the thing, you probably don't know who I am.
However, if you are interested in making money with airbrush tattoos... then this is going to be one of the most exciting pages you'll read today!

Here is what this whole thing is all about:

My name is Ashley Morgan and I am an airbrush tattoo artist. In fact I have been in this business for a little over 8 years now. I started my airbrush tattoo business when I was just 17, while still in high school.

If you are like most people, and me for that matter, you probably got an airbrush tattoo or witnessed an airbrush tattoo artist in action and was blown away by the level of customers -- and in the end, money -- it receives...

And, unless you got here accidentally because you were looking to hire someone... you are here because you want to find out whether you could or should get into the business...

Well... first let me just reveal one crucial thing:

You Do Not Need To Have - Or Acquire - An Ounce Of Artistic Ability To Airbrush Tattoos. Plain and Simple. Dont Let Anyone Tell You Differently!

This is without a doubt the most common email I get. People wanting to know if they will be able to airbrush a tattoo even though they are terrible at drawing.

What I tell them is what I am going to tell you know:

Not only will you be able spray a tattoo that someone will be happy with... but you will be airbrushing tattoos that look like you have been in the business for 20 years!

Now that isnt because I will teach you anything special. Thats just the way it is.

Airbrush tattoos are just -- by nature -- extremely simple to do.

Here is the secret (that no other airbrush artist will tell you for fear of creating competition):

The stencil will do almost all the work. It will instantly and automatically create all the crisp, fluid, and elegant lines that are needed to create a stunning tattoo.
The airbrush will blend in colors, the airbrush will create instant shadows and layered effects all by itself... it will make it look like Michelangelo himself sprayed the tattoo.

While YOU reap the benefits.
Its automatic. Its in their nature.
Its what a stencil does. Its what an airbrush does.

You can't tell them do differently.

Of course, if you are artistic, it can only help. 

So Easy Even A 6 Year Old Can Spray Perfect Tattoos... With Only 5 Minutes Of Practice!

By the way... I once let a loyal customer - a 6 year old girl - spray some tattoos on me before a show (what better way to display your designs!)...

... the first few attempts she fumbled with the stencil... but once she got the holding-two-things-at-once figured out... she was spraying perfect tattoo after perfect tattoo...

... there is no way I would let my customers see less than perfect tattoos being displayed on me... it would be foolish ... they would think that is what they were going to get...

She was 6. She had never even picked up an airbrush before (I could tell) and I was more than happy with what she did... enough so to let them stay on me for the entire show...

Here is just a quick video to show you a tattoo from start to finish. All in all it takes me about 1 minute and 30 seconds. But... as you can tell from the video it was quite awkward trying to tattoo with the camera. It had to be right in front and so I was pushed to the side trying to "reach around" and spray. And you will see me moving my "stencil holding" position around a lot, again because I was trying to let you see as much as possible. In a real world situation, that tattoo would of been done in 30 seconds.

That tattoo with one color as I did in the video, I get $6 for.
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Also you may have noticed that I am pushing the airbrush trigger up with my thumb. That is because this airbrush has a sticky trigger. I have been meaning to grease it up a little but keep forgetting as usual! So keep in mind that with a 100% working airbrush (as they are 95% of the time) the spraying process is much smoother and much easier!

5 reasons you should think about at least learning more about the airbrush tattoo business.

Reason #1:

Fast Money + Low Start Up Cost

I don't want to conjure up ideas of late night infomercial salesmen with the mention of "fast money". And I especially don't want this guide to come across as a "get rich quick" guide.

Its not.

But at the same time there is no denying the speed in which you can make money with airbrush tattoos. And it would be a disservice to you to not point it out.

When you are getting paid anywhere from $4-$15 per tattoo, and that tattoo takes you 30 seconds to 2 minutes you are making fast money...

Of course I shouldn't have to point out that you won't always have a constant line. Cause you wont always have a line. In fact there will be times when you are just sitting there doing nothing!

That goes without saying. But when you do, you will be making an extreme amount of money in a very very short amount of time.

And even when you dont have a line, and instead have a trickle of inconsistent customers you will still be making more per tattoo -- that only takes a minute or two -- then most make in an hour.

Start Up For Around $450 Dollars

Plus you can start a working - money making - airbrush tattoo booth for less than $500! Sure it will only have 1 airbrush and one color and only a few designs... but you WILL make money.

In fact... some people actually like their booth like this!

Reason #2:

Shockingly Low Overhead

Before I reveal this next part you have to promise me something.

I am asking you to keep this a secret.

Don't tell your customers this. Don't tell other vendors this. Don't tell anyone this.

Its between you and me. Dont worry about other people seeing this page and finding out this secret. Most people who get this far end up clicking the buy now button,  they have to know it.

Here is the dirty little secret only us insiders know:

Just one $30-ish dollar bottle of airbrush tattoo paint can spray thousands of dollars worth of tattoos.

Reread that last sentence...

One Bottle Of Paint = Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Tattoos

Simply put it will cost you maybe a penny in ink per tattoo.

A penny per tattoo.


Consider now that you will be getting paid anywhere from $4 to $15 (or more) PER TATTOO!

1 penny to make even $1 would be an incredible return on your investment.

Of course you have to add in the cost of the cotton pad, rubbing alcohol, and setting powder, but even with all that you only bring your cost up to around 4 cents!

4 pennies + the 30 seconds to spray that tattoo = $4 - $15 extra in your pocket.

If only I wasnt super shy and could get on camera. You would see just how passionate I am about what I just revealed to you! There arent many businesses out there that can do this for their owners.

What makes this even greater is that airbrush tattoos are wildly popular, and will continue to be (its a form of self expression ..see reason #5). So not only are you making basically 100% profit off each tattoo, but you are selling something that people flock to. They come in droves and will return in droves.

Again, before you keep reading, please promise to keep this a secret from at least your friends and other vendors.
If some of my airbrush tattoo friends knew I put this online they would crucify me!
Its a powerful secret and the reason that people like me and other airbrush tattoo artists are able to make such a killing...

Reason #3:

Low Inventory (there are only 3 things that you need to resupply during the course of your season)

Only 3 things need to be kept in stock:

1.   Ink: Which as we already covered will last you a full year and maybe more, depending on how many you do.

And it is only going to cost you around $30 per bottle. Again each bottle will create thousands of dollars worth of tattoos.

2.   Cotton Pads: These are, as you know, light as a feather and you can get 200, 500, even 1000 per bag at wal-mart! Plus you'll only pay $4-$5 per bag.You can get them absolutely anywhere.

I like to assume that I use 2 cotton pads/balls per tattoo (just to be on the safe side)... so you can see that just one bag will last you several shows.

3.    Rubbing Alcohol: You use this to clean the skin. And you need 2 types. You need 70% to clean the skin with (using the cotton balls) and 90% to clean your airbrushes with.

Again these can be bought anywhere and will only cost you a few bucks per bottle.

And like the cotton pads, a bottle of alcohol will last you several shows.

In fact at the beginning of each season I buy 3 large bottles of 70% ink (which you will use more than the 90%) and it will last me till halfway into the season!

4.   Setting Powder: This is the same situation as above. Except that sometimes small town grocery stores wont have it. So just buy an extra tub at walmart and store it with your ink -- this way you will never be without it.

Again, like the previous 2, it costs just a few bucks for a tub that will last you all season and probably more.

You Wont Ever Screw Up A Show Because You Forgot To Order More Supplies In Time!

All but the paint can be bought at a wal-mart, a drug store, or practically anywhere else. Let me just say that I rarely never been out of stock of those. Even if I get to a show in a town of 500 people, I can always get those 3 things (baby powder can be used instead of setting powder, not recommended... but will do in a pinch).

Now paint obviously has to be ordered from a reputable source. You can only use paint specially formulized for the skin. I know of several highly reputable companies who can supply you with all the paint you'll need.

Its as simple as getting online and ordering your paint. No manufacturer invoices or highly "corporate" ordering processes. Its as easy as ordering from amazon (dont order paint from Amazon though, order from a reputable company... I will tell you who they are once inside).

And most offer expedited shipping at a cost in case you need it quick. But as you know now a bottle of paint will last you a long time... so you will have plenty of time to reorder by the time you run out.

Why Other Booths Can't Compete With Airbrush Tattoos When It Comes To "Inventory"...

...for examples sake...lets think of a burger booth. They need patties, buns, condiments, seasonings, oil, propane, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions and so on. Just for a $6 dollar burger.

By the time they have cooked one $6 burger you will have done 5 tattoos for $5 a pop. Plus you will have only spent, again as said above, around 4 pennies each; so 20 cents for those 5 tattoos.

How much do you think it costs him in gas, meat, buns, lettuce, tomatoes, transportation (he has to haul it all there) and worst of all... time!

One simple note I want to make here. Think about a food booth, or a craft booth or really any other type of booth...

...Most of them have to sell a physical object. An actual item that takes up a lot of space...

That means if they can fit 50 of these items in their car, than that is all they can sell. If they can fit 25 that is all they can sell.

You on the other hand are not selling a physical object...

 ...your "product" is in tiny little bottles about the size of film canisters...

That little bottle will create thousands of dollars worth of tattoos. You take the same setup to a show where you make $200 as you would to a show that you make $1,500!

Think about it, you can fit all your ink to a shoe box. A burger guy couldnt fit 25 patties into that same box. Can you imagine what they must go through to get all their stock to a show?

Well it doesnt matter does it. All you have to do is grab your shoe box and the rest of your stuff and head on out. Doesnt matter if you do 20 tattoos or 500 tattoos, you still only need that one shoe box.

Cool huh!

On to reason #5... Maybe the most important one YOU will read.

Reason #4:

You Can "Master" The Business In Less Than A Day...

...Meaning You Can Get Started Quicker And More Easily...

One of the greatest benefits of the airbrush tattoo business is the incredibly short learning curve. Literally less than a day.

If you get your equipment in the morning, you will be ready to do a show by the end of the night! Now of course you might want to practice a little more and

I dont suggest you book a show the same day you get your stuff... but you could.

That means you wont have to spend weeks or months learning a whole new business or skill. Give yourself a day or two of practice and you will be ready for even the most busiest of shows.
Which also means you will be making money sooner rather than later, which means you will have recouped your initial costs to get started within a few weeks, rather than a few months like other businesses.

On to the last one...

Reason #5:

Airbrush Tattoos Are Here To Stay

Its funny, when you are sitting in your booth, watching a customer choose a tattoo... they go through a few phases.

First they kind of scan all your designs... to see if anything stands out.

I would say that around 80% of people will find one that they do like. And decide on it within the first 30 seconds of being in your booth.

The other 15% do something that would probably be quite fascinating to a pshycology major!

When you have a customer that "thinks aloud" and says what he is thinking you will actually see and hear this happening....

...But Here It Is In A Nutshell:

This type of customer WONT find anything that instantly draws their attention.

Instead of leaving and spending their money elsewhere... he says "well... if I was going to get one I guess I would get this one..."

Now at this point he isnt that convinced of this.

But a few seconds later he will look at another design and say "well... this one is also nice..."

At this point its a done deal. He will end up with a tattoo.

There Is No Way He Can Possibly Force Himself To Leave Without Buying A Tattoo!

It takes practice, but you will be able to spot these people almost right at the start of this process they go through.

You will see them ticking away... you can actually see them debating in their head which one they would get... and eventually they will get it.

One of the many fascinating things you will see while on your booth (I once tattooed over 40 people because they were having a family reunion in the park next to the event... they all got the same $6 tattoo!)

The point I am trying to make is that airbrush tattoos seem to satisfy some sort of instinctual or social need to express ourselves.

When selling donuts you have to rely on the person passing by actually wanting a donut. If they dont you wont get the sale.

An airbrush tattoo on the other hand appeals to almost every single person. There is a strong urge to get the "one you like" because it reflects the type of person you are -- or the mood you are in at the time.

I honestly think my grandchildren will be airbrushing tattoos... and making a killing too!


I Really Like Your Break-It-Down- Get-To-It Detailed Attitude

“Loved the book!! it is full of USEFUL information.  Information I wish I would have had 5 years ago when I first wanted to get started in this business.

The Internet was the only place to get information where I live, and that was fine but you only get little snippets of information here and there, its like a jigsaw puzzle and lets not forget the misinformation out there too!

And classes were so expensive and barely covered anything I needed to feel comfortable getting started. If I had found this e-book back then, I would have been ready to start as soon as my equipment was purchased.

I cant wait to see what you come up with next, and I really like your break-it-down get-to-it detailed attitude. ”

- Jocelyn McDermot


In A Follow Up Email Jocelyn Had This To Say:

“I think your a born teacher, or at least the kind of teacher I have always preferred, you covered so many things that were barely touched upon in [other] classes ...

... When they (a student) try to put it all together and they realize the expert, that was supposed to teach them, never, or barely touched on it in class ... ”

- Jocelyn McDermot


I could not believe all this information that you put in to your system...

Ashley thank you for your quick response!! I could not believe all this information that you put in to your system. You are a true business person doing the right thing for people just getting started.. Thank You Again for all your HONEST help.!!!!!.

- Tom Fanella

I can't believe how much they have paid to do this and how overcharged they are on equipment

Probably the biggest thing I can agree with you on is the fact that you don't have to buy an "Airbrush Tattoo System". I check in on a forum (_____________), between you and me, just to see what the people who bought into a system are saying. I can't believe how much they have paid to do this and how overcharged they are on equipment. $200 for a single action, external mix airbrush is insane!

- Chuck

Chuck is talking about "airbrush tattoo business systems". These are packages of equipment that you buy in one full swoop and you have "everything" you need to run an airbrush tattoo business. They are basically advertised as "airbrush tattoo businesses in a box".

Well there are 2 problems with these put-together-systems and Chuck already said it.

Not only will you be overpaying for the equipment you do need. But you will be paying for stuff you DO NOT need!

I, and many many others, feel that if you order each piece separately that you can save a lot of money... plus have a booth that perfectly suits you and your style. When you buy one of their overpriced systems 1) you arent saving any money, in fact spending money that you could of spent on booking shows and 2) you are being given what they think is best, what suits them... not you.

Also it is important to note that there are only a few items needed to airbrush tattoos. You arent going to be spending days and days ordering, in fact you could have everything ordered within a few hours.


Now like I said there are some negatives to the airbrush tattoo business:

Why You Might Not Like The Airbrush Tattoo Business #1:

You wont be able to do this business in the winter. People wont want to take off their coats and clothes just to get a tattoo. If you are inside -- while its cold outside -- you may make a little bit, but in my experience, not enough to cover the costs of travel and setup.

Why You Might Not Like The Airbrush Tattoo Business #2:

If you absolutely hate being around kids, then airbrush tattoos might not be for you -- as they will be the bulk of your customers.

If you like kids, or at least can tolerate them without getting mad, then you will be fine.

Why You Might Not Like The Airbrush Tattoo Business #3:

Trust me when I say that when you are working... you are really working! 

Its tough work. Its tiring work.

If hard work is something you are not used to then you can either not get into the business or just choose small show -- shows where you wont be busy all day non-stop (that kinda defeats the point though doesnt it!)

I am completely ready to start and your book gave me that boost of confidence I needed to believe in myself

I again wanted to thank you for your book! It truly was very informative and extremely helpful in getting myself organized and started with this business.

I believe in your work ethic and was happy to implement a lot of your suggestions into my own business! I really appreciate all the links you posted just to give me an idea where to purchase supplies. I was very happy I had the opportunity to read your book, it not only got my started but I have been referring to it on and off for information and seem to always get more out of it each time I read it!

Little things such as the checklists were really helpful, I wouldnt have thought about a fan until it was too late. I now believe I am completely ready to start and your book gave me that boost of confidence I needed to believe in myself!

 - Renee


What Can You Really Expect From Airbrush Tattoos?

When I first decided to get into airbrush tattoos, I didnt do it because I thought it would be really easy (well not entirely at least). I did it because it looked like a heck of a lot of fun!

There arent many jobs that allow you to sit down and put ear-to-ear smiles on hundreds of children... while making a (by my standards) obscene amount of money... while also being YOUR own boss.

You see I have actually never had a real job. I was lucky enough to get into this business before I  had to earn a living -- Where I would of no doubt snatched up the first 9-5 that became available.

So I will have to take everyones word for it when they say it isnt a whole lotta fun.

I can imagine that.

Being told what to do by your boss -- whether he/she is nice or not -- cant be fun or instill a feeling of freedom in you.

Anyways when I was 17 I was at an event with my parents (my dad has a Kettle Corn booth) and all day long we were forced to watch a young girl -- about my age at the time -- hog the whole crowd. She was airbrushing tattoos.

She had a line about 20 foot long most of the day...

...She Went Non-Stop All Day... No Break... One Tattoo After The Other...
She Couldnt Take The Money Fast Enough... In fact...

Her Sister Came A Couple Of Hours Later And Her Only Job Was To Take Money And Get The Stencil Out!

This was the first time I had even heard of airbrush tattoos, and it was quite an introduction to say the least.

Well it got my mind turning and thinking "could I do that?".

Well let me tell you that I knew I could do the airbrushing part. I am not an artist by anyones standards, but I HAVE used an airbrush before.

And so I knew that even in the hands of someone who knew nothing about art, it could produce beautiful and interesting patterns with almost no effort.

I tossed around the idea of asking her about the business, as I knew that she would know enough that I could at least get started.

Well in a brief moment of courage I actually did go up and ask her. Her response was what I expected.

She was polite and helpful. But she didnt give me any real meat. Nothing to work with.

In fact, in the end...

...She Looked At Me And Told Me To Beat It!

I Could See It In Her Eyes -- There Was NO Way In Hell She Was Going To Reveal How To Do What She Just Did!

So I knew it was going to be up to me to force my way into the business -- whether they wanted me or not.

I immediately went online and searched for anything about airbrush tattoos. All I found was crummy articles that barely touched upon anything useful. And when they did reveal bits of gold it was almost always 1 peice to a very large puzzle.

... It Seemed That The More You Looked The More Confused You Became...

There was no one place that was going to explain it all. 

So I realized that I was going in blind. I had to try and make it work with no real plan or information to judge my success on.

I started looking for equipment.

Looking for equipment and supplies was even more confusing than just looking for good information about the business!

There were so many options; single action vs double action, water based vs alcohol based, multi-gun or "complex 1 brush system", stick on stencils vs stiff ones. Plus each one of those problems had many many other decisions attached to it.

It was clear that I was going to have to just make some guesses and hope it all worked out.

This is what my guide will let you avoid. It will allow you to open up 1 resource and find out all you need. All complete. Nothing left out.

That is why I wrote it in the first place. To help others get started without all the fuss and frustration that I went through.

Here Is Just A Brief Look At What You Will Discover:

  • How to effectively price your tattoos so you get the maximum amount of people buying them! While also making the most profit per tattoo as you can!

  • How to get every single person at an event to LOOK at your booth and think "huh, I have to go see whats in there"!
  • How to turn "Passer-Bys" into buyers with an amazingly simple tactic overlooked By every single other airbrush tattoo artist I have ever come across!

    This is something that other airbrush tattoo artists have totally missed the mark on. In fact, they encourage you to do the opposite!

  • Discover the 1 thing you should always ask a promoter before booking a show! A simple newbie mistake.
  • What happens if you book a show and find out it is in the middle of a field? With the nearest electrical outlet being 1,000 feet away, or not there at all? I show you 2 alternatives power options that are cheap and easy to setup!
  • When should you give a refund? When shouldn't you? Should you even offer one at all?
  • How one tiny little addition to your booth can make you 5-10% more per show while doing absolutely nothing? This one tip in itself will pay for this guide!
  • Discover what is the most widely recommended airbrush for Airbrush Tattoo Artists... and why!
    • And why one little feature on that airbrush can save you seemingly endless frustration and lots of money (airbrushes can get gummed up during long stretches of airbrushing, this feature means you dont have to spend 5-6 minutes cleaning the gun - while your line of customers wait!)
  • How your local fabric store can save you hundreds of dollars when It comes to creating your design sheets!
  • How to turn every single "looker" in your booth into a paying customer in a fraction of a second!
  • How to mark your stencils so you never fumble in front of a customer!
  • How to streamline your operation so that even a 30 foot line doesnt scare you!
  • How to choose the exact compressor that will fit your needs!
  • Why you absolutely must have a ________ ____ with your compressor if you are using _______ based paints!
  • The simple mistake I made when ordering my banner that has caused endless frustration since the day I bought it! It has to do with how long it is. And why if you make this easy measurement mistake you too will regret the day you ever bought it!
  • The 8 super-easy-to-remember steps to creating a perfect looking -- and long lasting -- tattoo every single time!
  • Why more isnt always better!
  • How 'off-setting' a tattoo can make it look 10x more professional and ... yet it only takes a few easy extra seconds to do!
  • TIP: If you are doing a tattoo on a dark skinned person... put down a layer of white paint first. Even if just a small portion of it. This will ensure that the tattoo as a whole or portion will POP and stand out on their skin.
  • Should you take the persons money before... or after you do the tattoo?
  • Why you should have ____ in $5 bills, and _____ in $1 bills at the beginning of every show... to guarantee you dont run out of change!
  • At what type of event you should never ever, not even for a second put out your ______!
  • What you must ask every promoter about a shows attendance ... ...before you purchase your spot! Fail to do this and you could end up wasting an ENTIRE day (or weekend!)
  • How to ensure you never lose a show... even when your competition is resorting to dirty tactics!
  • Plus over 120 pages more of pure content -- in easy "bite-size" chunks so you don't get confused!
  • Just Added! - Are Your Customers Talking about you behind your back? Is it good? Or bad? Find out how to ENSURE people ONLY ever endorse and back you up!
 Airbrush Tattoos WILL Sell Themselves!

One the things most people don't understand when you make money from events is that you have only a limited amount of time to make money. You've got hours or a few days - tops.

Its like the old saying "you gotta make hay while the sun shines".

You must be certain that what you are offering will make people go crazy. You need something that people don't even hesitate to get. It needs to be something that they cant leave without.

And let me ask you this:

Why do you think these people really go out to fairs, festivals or any type of event?

Is it to buy knick knacks. A little. Is it to socialize? Yeah, sure. But what is the main reason they go?

It is to have fun. They want to have a good time. When you actually setup and you get to talk to people, and I mean a lot of people, you quickly will realize that these weekend outings are like mini vacations to them.

And That Makes Total Sense

People work damn hard to put food on the table and a roof over their families heads.

And any chance that they can get where they can have a great time for just a few bucks, well, they are going to take it.

And the reason that benefits you is because they have money to spend, and they want to have fun. And let me tell you, nothing even comes close to the fun that you get from getting an airbrush tattoo! 

Ask any kid!

Actually... just watch any kid that sees an airbrush tattoo booth!

They cant take their eyes off it. You'll watch them walk past mindlessly looking in at the tattoos you offer... just hoping to get a peek.

 As soon as they can either convince their parents to stop what they are doing or are left to do their own thing... those same kids you saw trying to get a glimpse will literally run to your booth.

An airbrush tattoo booth ends up looking like a sea of people within the first couple of minutes of a show.

It practically steals the show.

Its the only booth that you will see kids literally drag their parents to.
The booth that will cause you to be known as the airbrush tattoo gal or guy!

And This Is How That Benefits You:

Just like 6 years ago when I first saw that young girl making an unbelievable amount of money in a few hours ... there is an even larger amount of people wanting airbrush tattoos ... and probably around the same amount people applying them!

... And in just a moment I am going to reveal to you how to quickly and inexpensively get your money making airbrush tattoo business up and smoothly running ...

Would Of Taken Years And Dollars To Learn

Ashley, You don't charge enough for your book!  It is a WEALTH of information. 

I make my living as a Permanent Cosmetics Artist, and Make Up Artist.  I have recently begun using air brushes for my make up work and found them to be FUN as well as efficient.  Tricky sometimes however! 

Your book has given me info that would have taken years and dollars to learn.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

I used to live in Montana, Bozeman.  I laughed when I saw that your pictures were taken in the snow!  There is plenty of it in Montana!  Thanks again, you have saved me incredible amounts of time, money and effort.

 - Diana Graham

    Michigan, USA



Informative And Comprehensive

This guide is both informative and comprehensive - worth the price I paid to purchase it. 

If you are looking for a business with low start up costs, the information provided in this guide will show you how to get started. 

It offers advice from someone who works in the business who can help you learn what is involved and because of their experience, what potential pitfalls to avoid.

 - Paula W. 



FACT: 'Airbrush Tattoo Profits' Is The First And Only Airbrush Tattoo Guide Ever Released To The Public!

Online "Supply" stores will only show you how once you have bought One Of Their Over-priced 'Business Systems'!

Here's a little bit more of what you'll  find out:

  • The sneaky - but 100% honest - way to skyrocket the total amount of money you get in tips!

    I noticed this trend one day when working a show up north. I tried it again to see what happened... cha ching! Another dollar into my tip jar!  I tried again just to prove to myself it was a coincidence... but again it worked!

    Doesn't require you to talk and only takes about 10 extra seconds! (this is very powerful!)

    Do this when you are having a slow period or short line. 

  • What shows will have you grinning from ear to ear all the way home  ...and which ones will leave you regretting you ever heard of them!

  • How To Handle Unruly Kids In A Way That Will Leave Parents In Awe!

  • How 'off-setting' a tattoo can make it look 10x more professional and ... yet it only takes a few easy extra seconds to do!

  • Why ... and when to purposefully cause 'fuzzy' edges on your tattoos!

  • Discover the simple mistake that most airbrush tattoo artists commit that causes their tattoos to last 2-3 days LESS than they should! It only takes 1 extra second to ensure that the tattoo stays on their skin... miss this and you might end up with unhappy customers!
  • How to fill your booth with stencils that will literally cause people to pull out their wallet ... boosting your profits ... so you make more at every show! (Also if you have competition ... there is nothing better than having the more popular stencils!)

  • What kind of paint should you get? Water based? Alcohol based? 

  • Always know which color to spray first... creating the most beautiful and vibrant colors possible!

    Knowing this simple rule (yep just one rule) will mean that you never ever lift up the stencil and see an ugly, drab, and murky customer-upsetting tattoo staring back at you!
You'll Also Find Out...
  • How to quickly (less than 10 seconds!) and effectively clean the skin ... so the  tattoos you give last longer and look better!

    If you follow my simple directions, you will be above and beyond most airbrush tattoo artists out there!

  • Baby powder VS Setting powder? One is good ... the other has been shown to cause respiratory problems with continued use!

    I'll tell you what this is right now. Baby powder should be avoided.  I know what you are thinking... but we use it with babies!

    Well, recent studies have shown that it can cause problems with your respiratory system when exposed for long lengths of time.

    To be on the safe side... use setting powder and ONLY use baby powder when you have no other choice.

  • Why if you want to do __________________ you must have a professional looking business card! I show you where you can get them for dirt cheap!
  • The absolute worst type of stencil to get! And why choosing the wrong type could inadvertently gross out your customers!
  • Revealed - How To Get Your Business Up And Running... No matter what your current budget is... even as little as $500!
  • Why the "V" method is what you will use 90% of the time when airbrushing tattoos!
  • When and where to use the "C" position to ensure you dont have to demand a kid to "stop moving" in front of his parents!
  • How to turn your loyal customers into fanatics!  Its easy to spot a devout customer... or family of customers... just once in a while dont charge them (but only when no one else is in your booth... it can get awkward when the next customers have to pay!
  • Also, find out when giving a free tattoo can actually hurt your business!
  • The easiest and quickest way to clean your gun... and when you should never ever take apart your gun!

    Tutorial with pictures is included so you cant possible make a mistake!
  • THE TRUTH ABOUT TARP DESIGN SHEETS. What they makers DONT tell you... and why it could actually turn your customers against you!
  • TIP: If youre neighboring booth owner has kids -- and they are there -- give them a tattoo each for free -- maybe even two!

    You'll have two kids showing them off to all of THEIR customers!
  • Why You Are Much Better Off Choosing ______-____ setup!
  • 8 Deadly Profit Killers! Avoid these at all costs! If you are unkonwingly committing these 8 wallet flattening "airbrush tattoo sins" then you could be leaving hundreds of dollars on the table each month!
  • PLUS - The in plain-sight "secret" website that will -- within a matter of seconds -- give you a comprehensive of more events than you could possible do!

It Was Like A Jump Start ...”

I really liked your guide. I had done quite a bit of research before hand and still this e-guide really came in handy. It was like a jump start into what to get and confirmed some of my personal preferences, ie. the multi-gun set up .

I think it just suits me better. I have got alot of my equipment in and will continue to receive things over the next few weeks. I have booked a few gigs as well.

- Kim Grant



A Steal For All You Get ...”

No problems with the download, and the book is fantastic.  LOTS of helpful information.  I've only had a chance so far to browse through it briefly, but from the little I read I can tell it's going to be a great resource. 

Very detailed and the pictures help a lot.  $27 is a steal for all you get!

- Gordon Schott, Jr.


Gordon Contacted Me Later That Day ... After He Had Read Through The Guide Completely: 

Your book is an absolute steal at $27.  It's worth much, much more to anyone seriously considering going into the airbrush tattoo business.   I printed it off and had it spiral bound because I have no doubt my wife and I will be referring to it often.

- Gordon Schott, Jr.


Listen I truly want to help you get your airbrush tattoo booth up and running ... that's why when you invest in my guide you will also get ...

 Bonus #1: Unlimited Email Support From Me... Forever!

$47.00 Per Year!


Being able to ask me in an e-mail means you'll never be left hanging when you need to sort out a problem or clear something up. I'll answer your question as fast as I can, you can expect a reply the same day (unless it is the summer weekends - as I may be at a show myself!).

You'll have the best advice money can buy - but you wont pay anything extra. Again I have been doing this for over 7 years (going onto my 8th year).

Someone recently emailed me a question about what airbrush kit she should get (Sometimes you can get small "bundles" of airbrushes that can save you money - dont worry - I cover it in the guide). Within 2 hours, she received a detailed answer and couldn't wait to order it and get started. Over the next week or so we exchanged over 10 emails where she bounced ideas off me, I helped her work out the kinks and she was on her way to making money.

Bonus Report #2: Time Increasing - Frustration Preventing Checklists!



When you download my guide - the first thing I want you to do is go and open these on your computer and print them! Or send them to someone who can print them for you! 

Here's why: 

When I first started I was very afraid that I would get pack my car for a show, drive all the way there and realize - only when it was too late - that I had left something behind!

Just by forgetting your paint, your compressor or your stencils you could end up losing an extreme amount of money. If you are there by yourself you cant just leave your booth up - you need to pack it down - and then go back home and get the missing item. Then you must travel all the way back and setup all over again - by then the show might be half over! 

And even if someone can bring it to you, you will still be losing money waiting for it to get there. 

And just that happened. I went to an event that was 1 1/2 hours away! I got there, unpacked all my stuff and couldn't not find my airbrushes! I could not believe it!

I called home and my dad answered, he said "Yeah, they are sitting here on the kitchen table".

I completely forgot to grab my airbrushes and put them in the car after I cleaned them!

There was no way my dad could bring them to me - he didnt have a car at home. And if I was to go home and get them the show would be over by the time I got back.

I just went home and had to forget about the show. 

It was a horrible day. First of all I lost all the potential money I could of made - as I knew it was impossible to pack down, go home, come back, setup and make any money. And not only that, but I also lost $150 for my non-refundable booth fee!

So instead of having a 20 foot long line and taking payment after payment after payment - I feverishly sat down and wrote out these incredibly important checklists. They cover everything from your equipment and supplies to your personal needs like money, food, water and a whole bunch more.

You will even get a couple checklist's for when you are purchasing your equipment. Just cross each one off when you get it - and you will have a full setup by the time you are done!

Nothing Left Out. No need to ask someone to bring you your stuff or waste valuable time driving back yourself!

Included is my checklist of the things you MUST absolutely - EVERY SINGLE TIME - ask a show promoter BEFORE you book a show! If you don't ask these questions you are shooting in the dark.

Bonus Report #3: How To Find A Show For Any Weekend - In Any State - With the Click of a Button!



One of the biggest problems I see with people who try to get into any sort of vendor business is that they don't know how to find shows.

They look in the newspaper or look out for events being advertised on t.v. That's it.

You cant do that. But you need a real resource. You need to know that if you have a free weekend, that you can go and quickly find a good event for it.

This site I will reveal to you will have a list of all the upcoming events in your state - when they are, what they are about, how to contact the promoter and a whole bunch of other stuff.

How does this benefit you? 

You will have hundreds upon hundreds of lucrative events that you can setup at!

Its as easy as that. Of course it will be up to you to contact them (with the "Event Checklist" in hand of course!) and figure out if it is a good show for you. But with this one little book I have saved you countless hours and even saved you many weekends of no profits!

You can even search through the events based on area, date or "theme". Amazing resource that I dont think I could personally live without.  


Bonus Report #4: How Beneficial Would It Be If I Listed Every Site That Deals With Airbrush Tattoos?

Then wrote next to each one what they offered, and what they were all about?



This something I put together just so you would have the biggest and most complete resource of airbrush supplies, products, forum etc.

But I knew just a big list wouldn't help you that much. So next to each one I explain who they are and what they can offer you.

Never rely on Google again. Just go straight to this report and find what you need!


Bonus Report #5: How To Thoroughly Clean An Airbrush In The Least Amount Of Time! - With Photos


FREE For You!

It is a necessary evil. Having to clean your airbrushes at the end of a long day. But it has to be done. You need them to be in top notch condition every single day - if they aren't well you could end up spending more time dealing with your guns then airbrushing tattoos.

It isn't very fun having to tell a long line of people that they will have to come back in a half an hour because you need to clean your guns! 

And the thing is that it is easy enough to ensure that the above situation never happens.

All you need to do is clean your guns at the end of each day (or you can clean them the next morning if your prefer -- but right after you use them its easier).

But like everything else there is always a way to do it quicker, better and more easily. That is what this bonus does. I get all 8 of my guns cleaned and ready to go in less than 20 minutes. 

Trust me, after a long hard day the last thing you want to do is spend more time then you have to cleaning. All you will want to do is relax, count your takings for the day and figure out what restaurant you are going to eat at! 

The HP-BCS is the airbrush that I use in this guide - and the one I recommend to airbrush tattoo artists.

This doesn't mean you have to use this airbrush. But you will see why I recommend it in the guide. It has something to do with a very handy time saving feature! And its spray variations.

This will help no matter what airbrush you have.

Bonus Report #6: Care Card Print-offs 

$10.00 Value

FREE For You!

What are "Care Cards"? 

Care cards are what you give to a customer after you put a tattoo on them. Its just a simple - small - piece of paper with instructions on how they can take care of their tattoo and make it last as long as possibly.

The reasons I suggest you print off your own care cards and don't pay to have them printed up are  1) its less expensive - by a lot - and 2) you can print them on demand.

So I am including the exact care card sheet that I use. Just open it and print! Each page you print will have 36 care cards on them, you then cut them out (It doesn't take as long as it sounds!).

I usually have 20 or 30 uncut sheets in my stencil box, just in case there is a slow period during the day I can cut them all out.

You can change them too, to say whatever you want. Like if you want to add your phone number, or your name or booth name or whatever. It is up to you. But the will work perfectly even if you leave them as is! 


Bonus Report #7: Dont Over Spend! Use These "Budget Plans" To Find Out What You Should Buy... And What You Should Pass On!


FREE For You!

This was something that took me a long time to put together. But I really wanted to be able to include it. It is a list of common budgets someone might have, with the list of equipment you would need to buy in order to have a money making booth.

With this you can look at your budget and then take a look at this and see what you need to get without going over your budget - yet still have a setup that can make you money!

The reason I think this little guide is so important is that it allows you to quickly see what your booth will be like and stay within your budget. 


Super Bonus #8 and #9:


Yours FREE!

I also bought the rights to 2 other incredible digital business books - that's how important I think they are. The info in these range from how to expertly brand your business (very important for what we do!) to how to get even more people flooding to your booth on a regular basis!

If you order right now you will be receiving each one of those 8 bonuses - and I will add your email to my Personal Support List.

I could easily sell these separately. The checklists are one of the customer favorites. But I want you to have them - it truly completes the package.

(These Fast Mover Bonuses Are Worth $216)



 One Per Zipcode Policy!

I  only allow one guide per zipcode! The reason I am doing this is so that you will NEVER have any competition from people who also bought from me.

When you order you will be prompted for your zipcode, please enter it and it will tell you whether you are able to order or not.

Remember I am doing this FOR YOU. I could easily take multiple orders from the same area, but in the end I know that would hurt YOUR business, so I have to be the bad guy once in a while and tell people they cannot order.

I want to see you succeed with airbrush tattoos just like I did. This almost guarantees it.

But realise that the flip side of this means that if you dont order now, you might not be able to order at all.

Before I even mention the price ... I want you to understand how EASY this decision really is:

If ... after checking out my e-guide for an Entire Year ... you are unsatisfied with it -- and for ANY reason at all -- then I INSIST you return it.


That's a ... 12 Month ... 365 Day ... 100% Money-Back 


No Questions Asked.

 That Means ... you essentially get to read and try out everything in 'Airbrush Tattoo Profits' for FREE - If you choose to.


(I wanted to offer a year, because some of you might be getting this to use next summer or something ... so I think a year covers everybody! )


YES! Ashley, I'm in!  Please send me a digital copy at once of your e-guide, "Airbrush Tattoo Profits" for just $27.  I'm ready to discover the "tricks of the trade" and start my airbrush tattoo booth!

And if for any reason, or no reason at all  I'm not 100% satisfied, I just have to send an email and ... you will send me a full and fast refund of every dime I paid.  No excuse needed. No questions or hassles.

Double Yes! I also realize that all 6 bonus reports, 2 bonus business digital books, the 365 Day Money Back (no questions asked!) Guarantee AND unlimited email support from you is included

“Order Today To Get All 9 Bonuses FREE!”

(When you order you will receive 2 emails.  One is a receipt and the other has the link that you need to click to download the package)

Click Here To Order Airbrush Tattoo Profits


 Ashley A. Morgan

P.S. -- If after reading Airbrush Tattoo Profits you don't think it is as clear and complete as my other customers have said it is... if you're not certain that you'll be able to start and run an airbrush tattoo booth simply by applying the ideas and instructions you learn... just send me an email with your order # and that you want a refund any time within a full 365 days after downloading it.  No hassles. No questions asked.

P.P.S. Remember you will also receive all 6 of my bonus reports. These 6 reports will insure that you get off to a fast and easy start and also ensure that your airbrush tattoo booth thrives! The checklists alone are worth the price of the guide! They are something that I use every single time I have a show! They are one of the customer favorites too!

P.P.P.S And don't forget - your purchase is fully refundable for up to 12 full months. If, at any time during that period, you are unsatisfied in any way .... simply email me and you will get a full refund of every single cent.

Even For Someone Like Me ...”

“I am comfortable in my ability to do research on things like this on the internet. There are quite a few reasons to buy this E Book, even for someone like me.

The links, check lists, and the tip jar are three of the things that would have more than made up for the cost purchasing these E Books.

For someone who still can't make up their mind, this series of E Books will help ease some of the uncertainties they are wondering about. For the person that wants a quick but good look into this business, it should put them well on their way to getting things started on whatever level they choose.”

- Terry F.

Only 1 Copy Will Be Sold Per Zipcode!”


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I  only allow one guide per zipcode! The reason I am doing this is so that you will NEVER have any competition from people who also bought from me.

Remember I am doing this FOR YOU. I could easily take multiple orders from the same area, but in the end I know that would hurt YOUR business, so I have to be the bad guy once in a while and tell people they cannot order.

I want to see you succeed with airbrush tattoos just like I did. This almost guarantees it.

But realise that the flip side of this means that if you dont order now, you might not be able to order at all.

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